Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sleeping it off

This week, I got my first virus of the season. Following last winter's flu fiasco where I was sick alternate weeks from January through March, I'm having serious thoughts about what I can do to prevent a replay. The first thing I have to do is get well by Monday so I can take the flu shot my employer provides. Mostly, this week has been devoted to sleeping and cold medicine. That may sound boring, but it is about all I could manage.

In between naps, I read The Kite Runner. The images and haunting stories keep running through my mind. Despite reviewing the horrifying circumstances in Afghanistan and human weakness and corruption, it offered a tiny glimpse of hope. It wasn't the hope for perfect redemption or a fairy tale ending, but it had hope for small change and betterment for some individuals. I needed that hope to keep it all from seeming too overwhelming. Frankly, compared to the fate of an entire war-torn country, the possibility of a good future for one person is still dismal. I think I'm probably the last literate person who hadn't read this book, but if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

So why not cheer myself up on the iternet? I love every one's blogs. Once I finished reading those, I went looking for new things. The loveliest thing about the internet is the way to find new and delightful things through the old familiar paths of friends' blogs. Through a few links from voluntary simplicity sites, the hooked me. I particularly enjoyed reading about No Spend Month and trading down to a smaller home. 

On the home front, Oscar a.k.a. the Furminator has A Bad Habit. I mistakenly thought that his eagerness to sit on the toilet seat and watch me fix my hair and put on make up was sweet. I'd rub his head and he'd purr. Then, I'd dash out the door to work. Being home, I had to go back in the bathroom for Kleenexes and other essentials. Oscar was licking my just-used toothbrush. Eep! He was just using me for my tooth-paste dregs. I'm not even going to think about other places he might have used his raspy little tongue. Operation toothbrush-relocation commenced immediately.

And last but not least, after sleeping all day yesterday, I had enough energy to go to Andie's fiftieth birthday party at Oeno. Andie is smart, vibrant, and interested in life. I admire her taste in people and hope that I make fifty look as young and effortless as she does. Everyone there was funny and intelligent. We even behaved reasonably well. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ramblings brought to you by Ginger Tea

Although a few notable things have happened in the last few weeks, my life revolves around finding clean underwear, wondering if I sleep too much, debating whether learning to knit continental style would make me a faster knitter, and why I suddenly have no desire to exercise. 

Last week brought a brief business trip to Denver and a lovely visit to the Lambe Shoppe. A group of women were seated at a marble-table and finishing clapotis'. (What is the plural of clapotis?) Each wrap was beautiful and showed off the yarns so well. The mohair looks very different from the linen, and they were both equally gorgeous. When the women finished the wraps, they pulled socks and sweaters out of their bags and knitted those items too. Knitters come prepared! 

I bought some Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace which was so scrumptious that Oscar yanked it out of the suitcase, nuzzled the yarn and nipped at it. I rescued the hank before he turned into the Furminator, destroyer of all that is yarn. 

Somewhere in the last few weeks, stress management has become more important to me. My ears are stuck at my shoulders and the eye tick is just too much. Besides, sanity has those beguiling ways and is a mysterious and seductive force. I know it isn't popular, but I'm considering the pursuit. (Sanity is a hobby, right?) After reading some articles about health on the internet, I've decided that more yoga and contemplative practices are in my future. Don't ask about the implementation plan. Just reaching a conclusion is a big deal for me.

Also, all of those yoga articles linked to health articles. One of those articles suggested that thin slices of ginger, steeped in hot water and sweetened with honey, are good for health and well-being. I'm currently drinking a cup of this, and it is very tasty. It will require further testing to tell you more about health and well-being. 

The laundry can be ignored, but I've decided it has close links with sanity. Stick with me here. The laundry is out of control. I have so many clothes and none to wear. If they are clean, they are a wrinkled mess. Or maybe they have surprise holes or stains that will only be discovered while I am making a presentation. Getting dressed for work or even to go out with friends is like the lottery. The odds of winning the jackpot are very low, but you might win a buck or two. Maybe matching socks are in the drawers or maybe they will be if you play again soon! Working out an orderly scheme for clean clothes and presentable garments is part of my sanity plan. 

In summary, my life will be better because of new yarn, yoga, ginger-honey tea, and clean laundry. Enlightenment or sanity may never be mine, but at least I'll have hobbies.