Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Veni, vidi, vici!

Mom and Dad gave me their old television set about two weeks ago. It's bigger and newer than the old one. The only problem? The remote control doesn't work. Last night, I finally discovered the problem. No batteries. With batteries in the remote, it is now the perfect tv for me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Sunshine

The weather this weekend was lovely. I went shopping for plants and brought home four strawberry plants. The experts would have me pinch off any buds and fruit so the plant can put its energy into producing roots and nutrients. This is my favorite time to break a few rules.

The daffodils took their sweet time this spring. The backyard is so sheltered that tough annuals can survive winters like the last one. (Weather complaint: a coworker told me this is the longest, coldest winter he has experienced since Berlin. See, it was yucky.) For some reason though, the plants are slow to get started. This is the first daffodil that is showing any signs of blooming. We're in zone six, and daffy thinks it is zone four.

Twist, the local yarn store, is developing an enthusiastic group of spinners. So many people are getting wheels and making yarn. RKYarns was the most recent person to get a wheel. It is gorgeous, and she uses it well. Her first skein didn't look anything like the yarn boogers I produced, but she's got such a pleasant personality, I cannot hold this obvious talent against her.

Since the man moved out, his possessions have lingered. At my request he picked up more things. He said he didn't have space, but I insisted that he "make it go away." I don't really want his grandfather's dresser. It is beautiful, but I don't want to think about him every time I see it. The emotions that bubble to the surface continue to surprise me. The relief of the first week turned into indignance at being abandoned and this week it is a mellow sadness. So those leftover items had to go. They cause too much pain.

My mother has an amazing basement. My sister swears it is self-replenishing. Whatever magic is at work, she has extra things in it. Extra things like pictures, chairs, plates, and household goods. She hates to throw things away. When I arrived at her house one Sunday morning asking for coasters, a lamp and a tv stand, she had it in her basement. She even added a tv to the assortment. Of course, it has been too long since there was a picture of the cats. Here they are lounging on the bed in front of the new lamp.

The next mission is to redecorate the bedroom in something colorful, cheerful, and feminine. Enough of these neutral colors.