Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Color

I finally painted the bedroom blue and got new curtains. It only took five years after moving in to paint that room. It is very satisfying to have it finished. I'm trying to restrain myself from painting every surface in the rest of the house immediately. Must. pace. myself.

Yesterday was a glorious day of eating, knitting, eating more, and watching movies. Although Patrick Dempsey is a beautiful, beautiful man, the character he played in Made of Honor turned my stomach. It was a classic case of man who gets too much credit for sharing an emotion after ten years. No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask?
As far as knitting goes, Shelly has a lovely sock of the month which combines the lovely silk Noro and a Cookie A. pattern. It is so lovely that it almost makes me forget that wool makes me itch. I wonder if anyone has ever framed a sock and hung it on the wall?
Last but not least, the man in my life, who just wants me to respect his need for beauty rest. Poor guy. He's too cute to ignore.